Code of Ethics

At Walmsley Wilkinson Associates, we live by our values which are: –

Be ourselves. Respect others. Always

We are committed to building long term partnerships with our clients and will ensure we complete all assignments to our client’s satisfaction.

All candidates presented to our clients will meet the role requirements and will be have been thoroughly screened and assessed by us.

We encourage and support diversity and inclusion. We believe that diversity is critical to both our clients and our own success. We therefore provide balanced diverse shortlists of candidates for our clients.

We only submit a candidate’s details with their permission.

We never directly approach an employee of a client company.

We offer absolute confidentiality for both clients and candidates.

We treat our candidates and clients with respect always; ensuring regular, timely, professional communication with each, throughout the recruitment process

Our professional consultancy fees are agreed and fixed in advance.

We act with honesty, integrity and transparency all times.