Taryn Wilkinson, Director of Exec Recruiters, Walmsley Wilkinson, discusses importance of communications planning in recruitment

How communications planning can help your recruitment

When people are considering their next career options, it’s not surprising that most turn to the internet.

According to a 2020 Gallup report, 77 per cent of job seekers visit the websites of the organisations they are interested in to find out more.

They’re not just looking for job postings or visiting the careers pages on these company sites. They’re also looking for information on the organisation’s culture, reviews written by employees, testimonials from customers, commitment to social responsibility issues and even any accolades like awards the company may have received. Applicants are looking for a cultural fit and want to understand a company’s ethics and purpose before they commit to a new role.

This only emphasises the benefits of making sure that when it comes to recruitment, businesses need a multi-channel strategy for communications.

At Walmsley Wilkinson, we see the benefits of sharing information on our website, on social channels such as LinkedIn and via email wherever relevant. Working with a number of channels with consistent accurate and positive messages about the business, its people and values helps to strengthen the brand and engagement.

For the company website, make sure there is information about the business and what it stands for, add some personality with details and photography of employees and make it easy for prospective employees to get in touch even if there aren’t current vacancies.

On social media, LinkedIn acts like a repository of potential candidates, currently hosting 722 million members worldwide of which 31.2 million are UK based. That’s a lot of diverse talent with experience and skills covering every business need, so use it and share on it, you might be surprised what you gain from it.

As well as external, also consider keeping employees engaged internally through formats that are easy and relevant for them. Internal email, e-news updates, SharePoint and Yammer are all ways of keeping them up to speed and being able to share team and company-wide information. Don’t forget that every employee is also an ambassador and as such they can help spread the word and endorse the benefits of working at your organisation.

As business continues to grow and change through the pandemic and beyond, the recruitment of much needed talent becomes increasingly competitive and the sharing of information by prospective employers is crucial in showcasing what they have to offer.

However, a defined communications plan which achieves success in attracting talent can easily be negated if communication then doesn’t continue throughout the hiring process. It’s a big step from attracting interest to then securing that talent in your business.

We listen to countless stories from disappointed and frustrated candidates who receive no feedback from their applications or even no update after investing time in attending an interview. This speaks volumes about whether a business truly lives the values that it promotes. It’s a simple task and a matter of respect to continue with communication and engagement, so let’s all work hard to get it right.

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