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The people, and the talent and skills they bring to bear, are the bedrock of any business.

In the current climate, how are businesses to attract the skills they need as the world turns and requirements change?

At the same time, skilled employees will be asking themselves why they would want to move at a time of extreme change everywhere else in their lives.

The uncertainty of the current pandemic, the lack of confidence in many areas of business and the risk of what may lie ahead are some of the dilemmas faced when considering a career move or making a hiring decision.

In the Covid-world, there is a new perceived value as to what a good job is; the ability to work from home, maintaining a steady income to pay bills and the mortgage and appreciating the reality of what you have now rather than what might be tomorrow.

However, for the employee who is talented and ambitious, there can be a price to pay for simply standing still, such as aspirations not being fulfilled, promotions being delayed/cancelled, and ambitions not being achieved.

At Walmsley Wilkinson, we believe certain things never change, even in a pandemic. Being clear about the people a business needs will be a critical part of any transition through this period, and clarifying the skillsets, the profile of individuals and the value they can add will be of the utmost importance.

Weighing the risk for both parties is becoming an increasing part of the recruitment dynamic, and at Walmsley Wilkinson we are here to help both employee and employer in the decision-making process.

Linda Walmsley, Director,

Walmsley Wilkinson

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