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What your recruitment process says about your brand

Despite the rapidly changing business landscape around us, there are certain guiding principles that hold firm when it comes to the subject of recruitment.

It’s always about people. That means treating people with respect throughout the process, whether that process is in person, conducted on video or a combination of channels.

Moreover, the way an organisation treats people and manages the hiring process is a reflection of their leadership qualities and a demonstration of their values as an employer.

Whilst standards have been raised over recent years, as many recruiters and employers have focused more on achieving a positive experience for candidates, some processes still fall short of the mark. This can include a lack of regular communication, repetitive, time-consuming application processes, untrained or unprepared interviewers, no post interview feedback and a general lack of common courtesy and respect.

The current War for Talent has been well reported and results from the CIPD’s 2021 Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey showed that 49 per cent of employers who attempted to recruit had difficulties in attracting suitable candidates. It’s the smart employers who invested in robust and candidate friendly recruitment strategies who have the competitive edge. The triumvirate relationship between employer, recruiter and candidate needs to be a strong effective partnership with streamlined but thorough processes and regular communication.

At Walmsley Wilkinson, our recruitment methodology with our clients is conducted in a certain way. We call it the Walmsley Wilkinson Way.

We invest significant time to build effective and enjoyable working relationships with all the relevant stakeholders. We listen and act as a supportive partner; our many years of business leadership and proven skills in talent acquisition form the strong foundations for this. Prior to starting search activity, we agree a detailed project plan, a transparent summary of the opportunity and defined timescales. Achieving positive results for our clients within short timeframes is paramount.

Thorough insights and assessments of all shortlisted candidates are provided, and we are committed to ensuring that all candidates receive an excellent experience. This in turn ensures that our clients’ employer brands are recognised positively and that they are perceived as professional and approachable by all of those participating in the recruitment process.

Our interest and support continues long beyond the appointment date because we care about doing the right thing.

Ultimately, recruitment is a people process and therefore the people experience is key. How recruitment activity is managed says so much about the business and its brand. Well-designed hiring activity delivered with respect, courtesy and trust will ensure success.

In our 2022 recruitment landscape, this has never been more important.

Taryn Wilkinson,


Walmsley Wilkinson

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