#100Years – Honouring Suffragettes

#100Years – Honouring Suffragettes

In 2018, Linda Walmsley and Taryn Wilkinson decided to launch Walmsley Wilkinson Associates. Both directors have many years’ experience in leadership remits within both Recruitment Consultancy and In-house Corporate Resourcing arenas. “We firmly believed we had much to offer the marketplace in providing proactive and ethical recruitment partnering support” says Linda Walmsley “and once we started the business planning process, our motivations were increased further as we were inspired by other women who have made their own leap of faith in the past.”

The public and media celebrations of the 100 year anniversary of women winning the right to vote, has had a profound effect on many, demonstrating how achievements from our history can help to shape our future actions. Taryn Wilkinson goes on to state “ in fact, it was the suffragette movement that influenced our choices for our company branding. To honour their campaign, we selected similar colours for our logo and company literature”

In 1908 Co-editor of Votes for Women, Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence designed the suffragettes’ colour scheme, purple for loyalty and dignity, white for purity and green for hope. To promote awareness, women were encouraged to “wear the colours” to show support and to stand out in the crowd during public demonstrations. Walmsley Wilkinson Associates also intend to promote their colours with pride.

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