Time to Adapt to attract and retain talent

Adapt now to survive, recruiters tell business leaders

Business leaders need to show prospective employees they can live up to their promises and overcome the challenges presented by the new economic and talent landscape, say executive recruiters Walmsley Wilkinson.

Committing to a flexible working pattern, providing support for colleagues under pressure, understanding different cultures and showing empathy for employees remain critical activities for employers, they say.

Linda Walmsley, Director of Walmsley Wilkinson, said: “People want to work for a successful business and expect to be well managed within the changing employment landscape.  That means leaders and senior executives doing what they say they will do, deed not word.

“Creating energetic, contemporary environments where ideas can thrive goes a long way above and beyond the salary. For example, some traditional leaders don’t see the relevance of social media and in having an informative and interacting LinkedIn profile. However, in many instances this is the first introduction to a business for potential employees – it’s the shop window of 2021. If utilised fully it can act as reception communicating an organisation’s culture and leadership style.

“Business is tough and getting tougher in many sectors.  Business leaders therefore need to be asking, for example, does the existing flexible working policy, reflect the now rather than pre-pandemic attitudes?  Does the policy for health and wellbeing perhaps also need updating?  It’s real, delivered commitments that help to secure business engagement from an employee base that is highly aware of their employer’s DNA.”

Linda added: “Business and the economy has been through a demanding and testing time through Covid. Companies need to connect and relate to their people with meaning and purpose to be able to adapt and recover and build a future with confidence.”

It has been a time of career reflection and uncertainty for many and decisions can be influenced by an employer adapting their style and retaining their talented, happy employees, she added.

The turbulent employment landscape has also generated opportunity with job vacancies in the UK have risen above 1.1 million (ONS 2021) for the first time since records began.

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