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Employers must work harder to retain top talent during second lockdown

The uncertainty of a second national lockdown will make it more difficult for businesses to keep hold of top employees, according to a leading North West recruitment specialist.

Taryn Wilkinson, Director of Lancashire based Walmsley Wilkinson, recently highlighted that the war for talent has not gone away, despite the uncertain economic conditions. While remote working opens a range of new opportunities for job hunters, businesses who fail to keep staff engaged are at greater risk of losing them than ever before.

She says “Many employers know that the candidate landscape is changing into one that has never been witnessed before. Across many industries home working is now the norm and for some employers it’s preferable, but keeping staff engaged and happy is key.

“There is a danger in the current climate that employees can feel isolated and disconnected from their employer and its business goals.

“Whilst many businesses should be applauded for demonstrating great resilience during Covid, for embracing effective working processes and maintaining strong communication, sadly we have also heard about a number of employer horror stories.

“Regardless of any challenging market conditions, proven senior and specialist individuals will always have access to career opportunities. Therefore, businesses shouldn’t presume the pandemic has bought them unwavering loyalty from their staff. These individuals need to feel valued and are using the current situation to revaluate their options.”

Walmsley Wilkinson offers a range of solutions to help employers attract and retain talent and Taryn continues: “A consistent and communicative approach is key when managing current employees and potential candidates. Don’t use the pandemic as an excuse to revert to poor practice such as a lack of response to applications or not maintaining respectful communication throughout.

“Employer branding has never been more important. An organisation’s current people, the individuals who apply to work there or those that are headhunted to come onboard, will remember their experience. Let’s not let Covid get in the way of retaining and hiring effectively.”

Walmsley Wilkinson offers a professional partnership across all executive, management and specialist recruitment needs for all types of organisations in the private and public sector including private equity-owned businesses, large corporates and SMEs.

The company’s services extend across sectors including building technologies, advanced manufacturing and engineering, aerospace, health and social care, professional services and FMCG / distribution.


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