UK executives are changing sectors to make a difference say Walmsley Wilkinsonk

It’s not all about the money, say senior execs

Many senior executives are now thinking differently about their futures and considering careers in sectors such as social care or the charity sector, according to Lancashire based executive recruiters Walmsley Wilkinson.

A future in an organisation with ethical credibility seems increasingly appealing to many senior executives and directors as they change direction following lockdown, they say.

Walmsley Wilkinson Director Linda Walmsley said: “The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has given people looking to move the time to consider their future.

“We are seeing some directors take a reduction in salary because they think the satisfaction of working in sectors such as social care, charity or the environment is worth more. The concept of ‘giving back’ is appealing to many individuals when making future career choices.

“At the same time, there are growing opportunities and many new diverse roles in these sectors as we emerge out of the pandemic and the economy restructures around needs of the future.

“In health and social care, there is a need for integration due to an ageing population and the increasing demands for independent living and with it the need for skilled employees and decision-makers, who can bring commercial skills and operational transformation experience to these growing organisations.”

In the UK, there is predicted to be a mis-match in the supply and demand of social care professionals of more than one million workers by 2025, which will lead to a shortfall against predicted demand of 35 per cent.

Overall, three in five UK workers intend switching careers, learning a new skill or finding a new role within their existing organisation, a seven per cent increase on July last year according to a recent survey by insurance company Aviva.

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