The importance of effective leadership in tough times and exceptionally difficult times such as Covid is being highlighted by recruitment specialist Walmsley Wilkinson.

Leadership ‘never more important’ say experts

The importance of effective leadership in tough times and exceptionally difficult times such as Covid is being highlighted by recruitment specialist Walmsley Wilkinson. 

Linda Walmsley, Director of Walmsley Wilkinson, endorsed the message from Colin Wood, Europe Chief Executive of global infrastructure firm AECOM. 

As a result of the latest Inspiring Leader interview, a series conducted with key business leaders, Linda said: “Organisations large and small are seeing the benefits of true leadership in these challenging times. We are seeing a demand for different kinds of leadership reflecting empathy, emotional intelligence and integrity. 

This means understanding people as individuals, how they work including home working and at the same time having the courage to make tough decisions in challenging times such as these.” 

Colin said: “I think what our people are looking for from us as leaders is consistency. Decision making is also key. In challenging times, I don’t really care if my team make a good or bad decision as long as they make a decision. If it’s a good decision, fantastic and everyone can learn from that. If it’s a bad decision, we can learn from that alsofix it and go on to do something else.  

“You can’t judge a team on one bad decision. That classic analogy of judging someone on their performance in the last football match when in effect their performance should be judged over a season rings very true for me. 

“Sometimes being a good follower is just as important as being a good leader. I think that loyalty has to work both ways. If you’re going to expect your team to be loyal to you, you’ve got to deserve that, so conversely, you’ve got to be loyal to them.” 

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