Moving jobs virtually without the hassle

Moving jobs virtually without the hassle

Virtual job changing to work in another part of the UK is becoming increasingly possible, according to North West based recruiters Walmsley Wilkinson.

The specialist in executive and management recruitment supports candidate moves into new positions in the region, across the UK and even internationally as the need to travel and work at the office changes.

Linda Walmsley, Director at Walmsley Wilkinson, said: “Organisations with a network can move people around various parts of the UK without asking them to move house and the upheaval that brings to a family.

“It means the candidate doesn’t have the worry of re-locating, finding new schools for their children and the cost of the move, allowing them to focus on the new role without the other distractions. It also opens up new possibilities for people living in more remote areas of Cumbria and Lancashire.

“Some organisations are switching resources where it is required into certain locations because working from home allows a seamless switch, particularly where people are moving into similar roles and usually have the skills required and understanding of the organisation and its culture.

“Even where some re-training may be needed, the job change can be quite straightforward with online tutorials and some limited time in the office.”

Walmsley Wilkinson offers a professional partnership across all executive, management and specialist recruitment needs for all types of organisations in the private and public sector including Private Equity-owned businesses, large corporates and SMEs.

The company’s services extend across sectors including building technologies, advanced manufacturing and engineering, aerospace, health and social care, professional services and FMCG / distribution.

Walmsley Wilkinson recently invested in the latest recruitment software Invenias which allows those in the recruitment process to work inside their own familiar technology, working alongside the McQuaig Psychometric System which is validated and registered with the British Psychological Society.


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