Senior Executives can still benefit from coaching and mentoring

Senior execs need help

Despite supporting their own teams to receive the best training and development, many senior executives underestimate the value of their own coaching needs

Executive Recruiters Walmsley Wilkinson have seen a trend emerging with many C-suite executives helping to support the continuous personal development of the managers that report into them, but not investing time in their own careers.

Taryn Wilkinson, Director at Walmsley Wilkinson, said: “Some senior decision-makers don’t realise that they can still benefit from coaching at every step of their career.

“The speed of change means that coaching is crucial in many of the positions they occupy especially in challenging times such as the pandemic or when leading a business through growth and transformation. The quest for knowledge and self-improvement shouldn’t stop because you have been promoted to a senior position or are leading an organisation at C-suite level.

“The benefits of continual learning and development is key to sustaining a successful career. It is also important to learn and share experiences in the workplace. Ultimately, good coaching will benefit both the individual and the business.

“Identifying a relevant mentor, a qualified coach or sharing best practice and experiences with fellow leaders who may be ahead of you on a business growth journey can be invaluable.”

Businesses that commit to a coaching culture are known to be better prepared to quickly adapt, manage workforce priorities and support employees at all levels especially during such crises as the pandemic, according to the International Coaching Federation.

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