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Whether your organisation is from the charitable, not-for-profit, community or public sector, the common goal is to deliver meaningful results in service delivery. Attracting the right talent is key to this. We share your methods of representing, engaging, shaping, delivering, facilitating and contributing in order to achieve positive outcomes for all – championing diverse, inclusive, equitable and sustainable environments.

We enjoy bringing professionals together to create top performing, values driven teams.

What our clients say

When seeking to appoint a Chair of our Board of Directors, we selected Walmsley Wilkinson as our executive search partners. This decision proved to be the right one as we were very pleased with the results, partnering support and communication levels. They provided a shortlist of relevant, screened and assessed candidates to our required timetable, bringing expertise and neutrality to our process. Taryn Wilkinson demonstrated an in-depth knowledge around our organisation and requirements, fully embracing our vision and goals and sharing our values. It was pleasing to be able to engage the services of a Lancashire-based business to deliver this key appointment for us.

Simon Gerard

Walmsley Wilkinson recruitment management solutions

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